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Top 10 Hoverboards for Sale 2017

Where did you last saw a Hoverboard? A movie maybe, or your favorite TV series? No, right in your neighbourhood? Well, gone are the times when the hoverboards were limited to paparazzi, now you can totally have access to them and in fact, get one of your own. These are turning into the latest definition to fun these days. Available in different sizes, colors and brands, hoverboards are becoming the latest sensation. Just in case, you were looking for one, you surely have arrives at the right place.

We bring to you the best hoverboards for sale in business. Our experts have listed out the best hoverboards for sale you in all possible segments. Let us be your helper in finalizing the best Hoverboards for you. We’re sure, you’ll love the listing. Check out our list of bestsellers from the best Hoverboard brands and pick out your favourite!

The festive season is approaching and you must be wondering over buying some exciting stuff yourself. These hoverboards certainly fall into the perfect gifts whether you give them to other or yourself, chances are you’ll fall for these awesome gadgets. While buying a Hoverboard, it is important that you consider a few points. You cannot pick one out of anything. Here, our team has tried to bring the best insights for the best hoverboards for sale. So, aboard the ride with us and choose the best of Hoverboards here!

Know what exactly these hoverboards are!

Some take the liberty to call them Self Balancing scooters while some relate it with Back to the Future, but not everyone has a clear idea about what exactly these hoverboards are. Well, here we are again for rescue, read on! Hoverboards are basically the self-levitating boards often used for transportation. You can hop on them and move around anywhere for that matter. Often mistaken for a surfboard or a skateboard, these tech gadgets are the latest sensation to youth.

Before we move on to the list of all available hoverboards for sale, here is a basic introduction of these gadgets so that you may know what these are all about!
Made out of components like the gyroscope, motors, and microprocessors etc., a hoverboard works just great for almost all the purposes.

Here are the best Hoverboards for sale. Check them out !

EPIKGO Self Balancing hoverboards for sale

1. EPIKGO Self Balancing Scooter Hover Self-Balance Board


EPIKGO comes with a class in all the hoverboards for sale. Let’s say it is an improved version of the Hoverboards that we have seen in the recent past. With a larger size, it is way more efficient in terms of its power holding capacity & along with that, pretty safe to ride.

Highlighted Features:

1. Power Capacity: With this Hoverboard for sale, the power won’t be an issue. If you’re into adventure then this hoverboard will be the perfect partner in crime for you. As reported, it can go on to a limit of 1 hour at the speed of 10 MPH, that too while you charge it just once.

2. Safety: This EPKIGO board is UL 2272 Certified with its battery being UL 2271 certified. It has been said to pass 159 tests relating to a number of safety rules.

3. Size: The gadget comes with an inbuilt 2-hour fast technology which enables it to get charged in as fast as in 2 hours. When it comes to the size, it is almost 30% larger than it contemporaries.

4. Fits Anywhere: This self-riding scooter suits almost all kinds of terrains. This has been rated an IP56 for it being great with its water resistance power & solidness.

5. You also get the warranty for 1 year which includes the cover parts and the manufacturer’s labour.

hoverboards for sale Swagtron T1- UL 2272

2. Swagtron T1- UL 2272 Certified HoverBoard

$349.99 & FREE Shipping

This is one of the recently released by Swagtron and claims to be the one marking a new era of these unique scooters. Brought by a reputed from called Swagway, this hoverboard for sale is predicted to be a best seller in near future.

Highlighted Features:

1. Offers a smart Battery Management with Patented Swagtron Sentry Shield system. This lets the hoverboard get a multi-layered board protection.

2. With an upgraded 250 Watt motor with specialised gear Stability, it helps up greatly in the downhill traction as well as tighter control.

3. Offers a speed of 8 mph with a range of 11 miles, this hoverboard weighs around 220 lbs which are pretty good for such a gadget.

4. As the name indicates, the given hoverboard has cleared all its tests for electrical safety and hence, UL 2272 certified.

5. With rubber bumpers, different riding modes, attractive Led Headlights, etc., the Hoverboard is just next to perfect at this price slot.

hoverboards for sale Powerboard by Hoverboard

3. Powerboard by Hoverboard – Safe UL 2272 Certified

$399.99 & FREE Shipping

Highlighted Features:

1. The product comes with safety. The certification of UL 2272, approved by the Government guarantees that the product won’t overheat, smoke or is probable to catch fire.

2. The Company, PowerBoard is based in the USA which will automatically add to the fast & easy shipping options.

3. Comes with a One Year Warranty with the US Based Customer Support. This means that in the case of any issues or confusions, you can always connect back to their Customer Support Team.

4. With the speed that tops up to 10 Km per Hours, it is believed to be way faster than others hoverboards for sale in market. It is pretty easy to lean forward or backwards, as per our convenience.

5. The Acceleration comes easy with different directions. At high speeds, one needs to go side to side.

hoverboards for sale WAGTRON T3 - UL 2272

4. SWAGTRON T3 - UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard

$449.99 & FREE Shipping

Highlighted Features:

1. Since it is Ul 2272 Certified, the given hoverboard for sale is tested very well & has cleared all the electrical safety tests.

2. The top speed of 8 mph with an amazing 11 Miles of a range is pretty impressive as a feature. The weight is 220 lbs.

3. With this version, they have upgraded it with latest Bluetooth speakers, LED Headlights, battery indicators along with different riding modes.

4. It comes with a 300 Watt motor with specialized Gear stabilization in order to have better control.

5. This self-driving scooter comes along with a Smart Battery Management System with specific board protection.

Hoverzon S Self Balancing Hoverboards for sale

5. Hoverzon S Self Balancing HoverBoard

$350.00 & FREE Shipping.

Highlighted Features:

1. With a certification of UL 2272, the concern for safety is taken care of. It has been tested for all possible safety precautions and has exceeded in performance.

2. With features like traction tires, 2 modes for riding, aluminium wheels, LED Headlights, LED Battery Indicator etc. this Hoverboard promises an amazing ride to its driver.

3. With an upgraded motor of 250 Watt, it moves with better and tighter controls.

4. With a range of 11 miles & speed of 8 miles per hour, The Hoverboard has zero degrees turning radius.

5. The body weight is shifted as per the control systems with a dynamic equilibrium.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboards for sale

6. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 HoverBord Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

$398.00 & FREE Shipping

Highlighted Features:

1. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the world’s smartest hoverboard. The company is known for creation such electric gadgets.

2. The hoverboard for sale being UL 2272 certified, ensures safety while riding. The UL 2272 is the standard that assures the best electrical safety.

3. It comes with a 36V Lithium Ion Battery pack that offers continuous use till 60 minutes.

4. With the LED light displays, battery Power indicators & 2 different riding modes, this Hoverboard carries quite a few attractive features.

5. Uses Ever Balance Technology which helps up riding smoother.

Skque I1 - UL2272 hoverboards for sale

7. Skque I1 - UL2272 Self Balancing Scooter

$399.99& FREE Shipping

Highlighted Features:

1. Maximum Load that can be handled is 100 Kg.

2. Charging time is 3 – 5 Hours.

3. With a UL 2272 Certification by its side, it comes with an assurance that it’ll have electrical safety all along.

4. A Warranty of 1 year is offered on the cover parts & labour from the company.

5. This Hoverboard for sale comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. This shall allow you to connect it to your cellphone.

PowerBoard 15004 hoverboards for sale

8. PowerBoard 15004 Hoverboard

$379.99& FREE Shipping

Highlighted Features:

1. PowerBoard being a USA based company, it shall help up in better and faster shipping procedures.

2. They ensure safety along with the product as it being UL 2272 certified with smoke, catch fire etc.

3. Offers a very simple acceleration system and drifting corners come easy. The direction changes are very simple in operation.

4. Warranty of a year comes with the product. Also, a dependable customer support is offered with the given Hoverboard for sale.

5. With the top speed of 10 Kilometres per hour, the HoverBoard offers a very smooth acceleration making the direction changing very easy & convenient.

hoverboards for sale Swagtron T5 UL-2272 Certified HoverBoard

9. Swagtron T5 UL-2272 Certified HoverBoard

$249.99 & FREE Shipping

Highlighted Features:

1. As this particular hoverboard for sale comes with a UL 2272 Certification & authentication assuring that there won’t be any safety issues whatsoever.

2. With a top speed of about a 7 mph & a 7-mile range, can handle up to a weight of 187 lbs.

3. This HoverBoard has an upgraded motor of an amazing 200 Watt and comes with downhill traction.

4. It is equipped with Smart Battery Management System by Swagtron.

5. Other than that, the eminent features include rubber bumpers, learning mode & the powerful Led Battery Indicators.

hoverboards for sale Safety Certified UL 2272

10. Halo Rover Hoverboard - Safety Certified UL 2272 Hoverboard

$797.00& FREE Shipping

Highlighted Features:

1. With the UL 2272, there comes an assurance that the product is safe for you to use and has passed certain tests laid for & electric safety. It includes a Hologram Certificate as well.

2. This Hoverboard available for sale has an Exclusive Halo technology used that let the hoverboard a very smooth ride.

3. This is an all-terrain Hoverboard which means, it can be used on all kinds of terrains. Which includes mud, snow or normal roads.

4. One can connect the Bluetooth along with this Hoverboard. Also, the customisation can be done with the Mobile app.

5. It comes with different riding modes, namely – Normal, Learning & Advanced. One can change and adjust these modes as per the convenience.

Why should you buy a Hoverboard?

hoveverboards for sale Why must you buy a HoverBoard

1. Easy to operate:
They are very easy to operate. Simplicity defines their working and it navigates with no complexity. When it comes to changing directions from left to right, you just have to turn the given handle backwards or forward, as the need be. There are very simple instructions, following which it’ll become more convenient to get the ride on your ​Segway.

2. Maintenance:
These Hoverboards are very easy to maintain. Like in usual tech gadgets, you have to take care of the accessories and get regular check-ups for the same. Other than that, there isn’t anything that can worry you off.

3. Lightweight:
Yes, this is certainly important for the hoverboard lovers. It is due to its sleek design that they aren’t bulky. With a very light framework, they offer an unmatched convenience to its riders.

4. Batteries:
You do not have to worry about the gas. These awesome devices run on batteries and offer an amazing riding experience. Just for safe sides, you can have an extra set of batteries with you. Other than that, there are absolutely no issues in running the same.

5. Eco-Friendly:
Now this is something that is sorting out a lot of things on its own. When you’re going for the two-wheeled scooters, you’re not only gaining an awesome ride for yourself but doing a great thing for your environment as well. Now when these segways for sale are provided to you at such amazing discounts, there are no reasons for stepping out of it.

6. Suits Urban Lifestyle: For your urban lifestyle, a hoverboard matches up just fine. Whether you wish to go to the market nearby or meet an old friend, a Hoverboard would suit up the requirement just fine & in fact, in a much cooler way!

Thinking of buying a Hoverboard? Here is what all to consider!

  • Now that you have arrived here, we’re sure that you actually want to buy one of these awesome self driving scooters and must be looking for the best Segways for sale. Wondered over what all to consider before making the decision? Maybe a specific brand is worth more or chances are, or maybe you have certain preferences to the colour of the device. Well, there is a lot to consider while buying anything new and this being your own Hoverboard, it is bound to be!
  • The first ever point to take into consideration is the basic comparison of these hoverboards for sale on the basis of various features. The chances are one ride faster than the other or one carries more sleek & sophisticated design in them. A few offer the proper navigation systems and some, on the other hand, a few of these Hoverboards actually offer accident protection as well. It is important that one must take a proper assessment for the same.
  • Other than these, you must be sure of the usability of the scooter you’re buying for yourself. Check on all the needs that shall be fulfilled by this hoverboard.
  • Apart from the usability, there is a factor for how it must look like. Make sure that you buy one that matches & suits your personality & preferences. You got to check on the colors, the design, the size & weight. See the person who’ll be using it. The choices and budget are bound to differ on the basis of who would be using the hoverboard. If it is for your 11-year-old kid, the choice would be very different from what you’d have bought for yourself. So, take down your chances as per the same.
  • Last but certainly not the least, you have to consider the price of the hoverboard that you’re about to order from the list of all available hoverboards for sale. Despite the fact that these hoverboards are available for sale, you need to make sure that the product you buy is worth every penny you spend for it. Check the features thoroughly in this case. You got to verify the features and their worth altogether.

Final Verdict

To everyone who was looking for the best hoverboards for sale, we assure you that you have arrived at the right destination. We hope we were able to satisfy all your curiosities about the best hoverboards in the market available for sale or at discounted prices.

Our team of experts have provided this specific set of best Hoverboards for you on the basis of various criteria & will continue to update the list as per the latest products introduced. We hope your search must have and you’ll buy yourself a great hoverboard.