Best Hoverboards for Christmas

Christmas is here and you must be looking out for the best gifting options available either for yourself or your loved ones. Our Team of experts has come up with a list that includes the latest love of most people. These fit the bill whether you’re buying something for your own self or for any of your dear ones. Yes, we are talking about hoverboards, which are turning into the latest sensations.

These self-driving scooters are being addressed as the Fun Scooters nowadays and are one of the most talked about gadgets making a huge buzz. The generation today is pretty excited about these Hoverboards and prefer this as the primary mode of traveling for shorter distances. The market today is filled with a number of brands that manufacture these hoverboards. We have researched and collected the best Hoverboards for Christmas 2016 for you and have made sure that they match the quality standards that you’re looking out for!

Read on to check out the list for the best-chosen Hoverboards for Christmas and enjoy the riding season with your family & friends-

1. SwagTron T1

  • So, here comes the first Hoverboard that we recommend for this Festive season for you. The brand Swagtron has a great reputation in the industry and has a number of self-driving scooters under them. The Swagtron T1 stands among the best products under this brand.
  • The Swagtron T1 is considered a high-end model from this brand as it is equipped with all the features that a modern Hoverboard would need.
  • To add on, this is a UL2272 certified Hoverboard which gives it the credibility of being safe. In simpler terms, it is going to take care of everything related to fire and electric safety for you and reassures a smooth ride to you.

2. Hoverzon S Self Balancing Hoverboard

  • Hoverzon – One of the most talked about brands when it comes to Hoverboards. They have a very strict quality control checks keeping security as a major concern for its customers.
  • The credibility for their safety standards can be understood by the fact that when most brands were banned from manufacturing Hoverboards, it was this brand which had managed to stay out.
  • The Hoverzon S Self Balancing Hoverboard is one of the best choices to go for. On comparison with the earlier models from the brand, they have improved upon a lot of the quality standards with way more reliable hardware.
  • It also comes with a different shape and size from other hoverboards. Not just that, they have brought effective changes in the foot pads as well keeping the headlights same.
  • The stability mechanism is way more improved from its earlier version and balancing has become easier than ever.
  • The maximum speed offered by this model is 8 MPH which is considered pretty decent. Also, the battery can work as much as for 4 long hours.
  • With a number of improvements in the design, this Hoverboard is said to have the ideal design for beginners with a lot of stress put on the safety.

3. Swagtron T3

  • This is yet another product from the big brand – Swagtron. With several improvements from the earlier models presented from the given company.
  • Swagtron T3 is a must recommended model from our panel of experts. They believe it’ll be one of the most suitable gifting options available for the eve of Christmas 2016.
  • The new T3 model of Swagtron has newer wheel designs with supreme quality metal guards. Other than that, the LED lights have a decent width with a minor shape change to add on convenience levels.
  • The maximum speed attained by the given Hoverboard is 8MPH which is pretty decent when compared to its immediate competitors.
  • An add-on feature is the all the new built-in Bluetooth speaker. This is an amazing feature for the ones who like to take their entertainment zone with themselves.
  • With a certification of UL 2272, it ensures safety too.
  • All it requires is a charge of 3 hours and it is good to go.

4. Epikgo Hoverboard

  • With a top speed of 10 Miles per Hour, this hoverboard makes a special place in the list hence getting into one of the best hoverboards for Christmas 2016.
  • With UL 2272 Certification, we do not have anything to worry about the safety aspects of the self-driving hoverboard.
  • If you have this Hoverboard craze running on you,Epikgo is the best bet for you. Everything in the model is supreme when compared to the other contemporaries.
  • It starts right from its look. The wheels are 8-inch in size rather than the usual size of 6.5 inches. With that, its wheels are inflated that directly conveys about the absorption mechanism in the Hoverboard which adds on to the ride.
  • The 400 Watt dual motors let you achieve that speed of 10MPh without any issues and disturbances. This can be a bit too fast for a beginner but certainly a great ride for someone who is a Hoverboard enthusiast.

5. Powerboard Hoverboard

  • Powerboard – Again a well-established brand that took a complete makeover for better makes it to our list for the best Hoverboards for Christmas.
  • The Hoverboard has improved itself like never before. It now owns a UL 2272 Certification under its belt that works in its favor to a great extent.
  • UL 2272 Certification ensures that this is very safe to use and has managed to pass through the thorough safety checks of overheating, smoke generation or fire.
  • The foot pads in the hoverboard are large enough to manage a smooth ride and controlling it just fine.
  • Also, it carried two LED lights that help up a lot while riding. The direction of the lights changes as per angle of the hoverboard.
  • With a battery power of 4400 mAh, the hoverboard can go for as long as 4 hours giving an amazing ride.

6. Power OnBoard 15005 Hoverboard

  • This is one of the earliest Hoverboards introduced in the market. Although the model has changed a lot in terms of design, stability and performance since then.
  • With the maximum speed of 6.2 miles per hour, it is considered one of the best hoverboards for beginners. The wheel guards are rounded with a metal plate on them ensuring safety.
  • The wheels are 6.5 inches made out of a durable material.
  • With a powerful battery that supports 4,400 mAh of support, it offers a good ride.
  • On each wheel, you’ll be getting individual motors altogether. The battery pack offers around 3 hours of ride time when charged fully.
  • The product comes with one year warranty along with it and a reliable customer support. This becomes a huge help when anything tends to go wrong with the hoverboard.

7. Segway Mini Pro

  • Last in the list but in no way the least in its performance, our next recommendation for the best hoverboard for Christmas is Segway Mini Pro.
  • This, no wonder is a great gifting option for this Christmas. This is one of the best self-driving scooters available. Just by the look itself, you’ll be able to analyze the difference.
  • It has a small pole for holding up which makes it easier to handle up. The control becomes convenient too.
  • With the top speed of 10MPH, each wheel in this model of hoverboard has an individual motor making it all the way more effective.
  • The hoverboard has comparatively larger wheels. This helps it to move over any kind of land including terrains. The riding becomes all the way more smooth.

Final Thoughts

The festive season is just round the corner and we’re sure you’re looking out for something to gift your friends and family. In fact, you deserve a break too and must buy something for yourself. These latest gadgets called hoverboards have been making this buzz all over. We’d suggest you buy yourself a Hoverboard this Christmas and enjoy a happy ride at the same time. We have tried our best to provide you with the best of information with authenticity.

Happy Holiday Season to you!